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The calling of mothers as guide, philosopher and friend to our children is a continual journey of growth and sanctification. We are called to lead our children on the path of goodness so they may know and enjoy God. Mason admiringly says,"Mothers work wonders once they are convinced that wonders are demanded of them."This wonder-making is a full dependence and abiding trust in the Holy Spirit, who is the Supreme Educator and our ever present help. Thankfully we don't have to do it alone! 


Philosophy Picnics

Once a month, as an extension of our Riches North community time, we'll explore a topic set forth in CMEC's Mother's Education Course, which includes reading an excerpt from CM's volumes and PNEU articles. We'll also be challenged to apply what we've learned into our own homeschools.


Monthly CM Book Club

Engage in discussions that inspire and deepen our understanding of Mason's principles. We generally meet on the Second Saturday of each month during the school year. We also offer quarterly mother culture nights, year-long reads of Classical literature and an annual weekend retreat.


Annual CM Conference

Hosted by SoCalCM every fall, participants enjoy a day of riches, inspirational and engaging sessions led by local homeschool moms on the path of training up children in truth, goodness and beauty using Charlotte Mason's philosophy, principles and methods. Come be refreshed! 

cm community in oc

Orange County has a vibrant and flouring community of encouragement and support. 


Our "sister" co-op that meets every Wednesday afternoon in Central Orange County as an extension of CM SoCal Nature Days. Together, they sing hymns and folksongs, do artist and composer studies and put together a Shakespeare play. The group also plans nature outings and a children's book club that our Riches North has the opportunity to participate in. 

For more information, visit CM SoCal Nature Days FB group.


Brings together communities of Southern CA through an annual conference, Spring and Winter Handicraft Fair and more. There is a wealth of local resources, information on local co-ops, places to explore in Orange County and encouragement for mothers in every part of their homeschool journey.

For more information visit  

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